PJ-II "Dreamer"

Unique composite two-seat, dual controls light aircraft with tricycle retractable landing gear and offering the market the properties of a Jet Fighter looking airplane without expenses of jet propulsion turbine engines.


Tandem seats

187 mph

Cruise speed

2,500 fpm

Rate of climb

750 st.miles


Ducted Fan System - impeller

The uniqueness of this aircraft design lies in the use of the ducted fan system, that allows like a jet aircraft performance - PJ-II "Dreamer" flies as a JET, without effects of piloting a propeller driven aircraft, there no torque and P-factor from the propeller.

The cost of acquisition and maintenance of the PJ-II "Dreamer" is comparable to the cost of light piston engine propeller aircraft.


PJ-II"Dreamer" is a KIT aircraft designed for operation in Experimental Amatuer-Built (E - AB) category. (E - AB) certification offers owners broad flexibility in terms of aircraft maintenance and upgrades.


8,49 m

Wing span

8,05 m


3,00 m

Wing area

10 sq.m

Cockpit length

2,60 m

Cockpit width

0,75 m

Cockpit height

1,20 m

Max. gross weight

1,450 kg

Empty weight

1,060 kg

Fuel capacity

280 liters

Max. G loads

+6 / -4 G


Because of unique airframe design PJ-II"Dreamer" is capable to perform some aerobatic maneuvers.


Because of unique airframe design PJ-II"Dreamer" is capable to perform some aerobatic maneuvers.


Dreamer aircraft powered by a GM LS6 V8 5,7 liter reciprocating internal combustion liquid cooled engine driving two ducted fans.

LS series of engines have the ability to run at high rpm for extended periods of time. The LS6, LS7 and LS3 engines have the same external dimensions and mounting points so that any of these engines can be used in this aircraft. LS engines are the only ones, that don't need to be strip down completely and rebuilt to accommodate aircraft use.

The gearbox driven through the dampened flywheel, has an output drive flange on either side of the fuselage-mounted engine that just protrudes into air intake ducts. A shaft with universal joints on each end drives a five bladed fans that is rigidly supported in the duct. Instead of the traditional PSRU that reduces the prop speed relative to crank speed, this one speeds the fans to 7000 RPM at takeoff.

Top speed (Vne)

350 km/h

Cruise speed (Vno)

300 km/h

Stall speed (Vs)

120 km/h

Stall speed (Vso)

100 km/h

Gear and Flaps speed (Vfe)

180 km/h

Rate of climb

14 m/s

Fuel consumption (cruise)

40-60 lit/h


1 200 km

Service ceiling

4 000 m

Take off distance

500 m

Landing distance

500 m


The aircraft is made of composite construction with all the parts made in the "molds". Standard fiberglass and resin (carbon fiber can be used, as customer request) is used throughout, being of aerospace quality sourced from Germany. Skins with ribs and bulkheads are utilized in a fairly traditional composite build up for sophisticated high performance experimental aircraft.

PJ-II “Dreamer" KIT contents:


  • Pre-molded Composite Airframe Components;
  • Canopy Frame and Glass;
  • Landing Gear Retract System;
  • Aileron, Elevator, Control Stick System;
  • Rudder Control System;
  • Flap Control System;
  • Elevator Electric Trim Syste
  • Interior Closeout Panels and seats;

Fan drive:

  • Engine/Gearbox Mount;
  • Gearbox;
  • Fan Drive Shafts;
  • Fan Assemblies.

Items NOT INCLUDED in the KIT:

  • Engine (LS6/LS7);
  • Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical Systems and Avionics;
  • Wheels, Brakes and Tires;
  • Radio/ Nav and Antennas;
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting;
  • Upholstery and Finishing Materials

Right now we're in a process of set up of KITs serial production. If you're interested in purchase, than you can secure your position for the date of delivery. The earlier you do that, the faster you'll get your Dreamer KIT.
In order to do that you need to fill in the customer's form and transfer a refundable deposit (escrow).

KIT Contract

PJ –II "DREAMER" KIT $ 282,000.00 (for the first 10 customers)

A deposit is required to secure all orders. No delivery position can be reserved without receipt of deposit. Any delay from the scheduled payment may cause a change in the delivery schedule upon receipt of your deposit. "Smart X-Air" LLC will immediately send a confirmation package, deposit receipt and confirm the earliest scheduled delivery date


I hereby order the Dreamer aircraft kit designated above. By my signature below, I certify that I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions specified in the attached Purchase Agreement, and I authorize the processing of my deposit.


    1. $5000 refundable deposit is required for the kit to reserve a delivery position.

    2. Other terms and conditions of sale are set forth in the Purchase Agreement.


    Idea to have the aircraft looking as military jet, but less expensive to own and operate, was born in the mid 90th. This time Ben Kolotilin living in USA and being a pilot, attended airshows and found out that there was a market for military light jet aircraft, but they were very expensive and a few people could afford such aircrafts.

    Ben began to work on the design of the kit airplane that looks like a jet fighter plane, In 2004 while visiting his hometown of Volgograd, Russia he met people that liked his idea to build this aircraft and project was born. After long 11 years of work the prototype first flew in the March 17th 2015. In 2016 aircraft received airworthiness certification from Russian aviation authorities. Same year PJ-II "Dreamer" was attending Sun-n-Fun airshow in USA, where aircraft proved to be very successful. Since than aircraft received some modifications, particularly - installation of new retractable landing gear.

    In September 2019 PJ-II "Dreamer" was shown at MAKS 2019 International airshow in Moscow, where it was in the top 10 most interesting aircraft on display.

    Our Team

    Andrey Voloshin


    In the project, he creates an administrative system, is the head of the design Bureau and conducts flight tests of prototype models. Professional test pilot.

    Ben Kolotilin


    Commercial pilot (CPL), aviation engineer. Ben has got wide experience in small and aviation business in the USA.

    Michael Nikitin

    Chief Engineer

    Mechanical engineer, SLA pilot. Experienced designer and builder of light aircrafts.

    Roman Nabedrick


    15+ years experience in the fields of infrastructure for innovations, system integration, telecom.

    Oleg Malozemov

    Director of production

    Professional pilot, fighter pilot, engineer. Extensive experience in starting and managing production companies.


    Replica Fighters Association (RFA)

    RFA Special Sun-n-Fun 2016 Report

    Nederland Pilot magazine

    Gonzo-UL / LSA

    Аэро-ТВ Уолтера Митти



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